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Hi, we're Utopia. We're a technology startup focused on acquiring & scaling Shopify brands around the world.

Sell us us your Shopify store for cash in 60 days (or less!) for whatever your big plans are next.
Plus, continue to profit as we continue to grow your brand over the coming years.

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We know that you're busy. And we definitely know you don't want your time wasted. That's why we've optimised our process to make a potential acquisition as simple & efficient as possible.

  • Enter your details above & answer the short questions that we've put together in the survey. This helps understand your store.
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  • If it looks like a good fit and you're happy with the numbers, we can close a deal in under 60 days.
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We know global eCommerce

We know first hand the biggest problems that small eCommerce brands face in the growth journey. We've faced them ourselves for years. Problems like:

  • Access to world-class growth talent to truly understand how to drive profitable growth & create amazing customer communities.
  • Access to global logistics & fulfilment infrastructure to enable frictionless growth into global markets & customer happiness.
  • Access to economies of scale to be able to compete with the big players, whilst remaining highly profitable.

Utopia exists to solve these problem for consumer goods brands hungry for global scale and market share.

Every day/week/month, we're actively improving the Utopia Platform by building our technology & hiring the best talent. Selling your brand to us would ensure it lives out its true market potential.

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So you own an eCommerce store and 75% or more of the sales come through Shopify? Great! We want to acquire your store. Fill out your details to start the process for a free, no obligation price offer.

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Next, if you're happy with the offer and you'd like to go ahead, we'll pay you cash from just 15 working days! Plus, you'll continue to earn cash as we continue to grow your brand over the coming years.


If you still have some questions, that's fine! Start the process using the form above & you'll see a button to chat with us directly. There, you can ask us any questions that you have before going ahead!

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  • We are just like you; eCommerce operators. We're not here to talk big or fancy words.